Renovating a dolls house

My sons playgroup have had a massive toy clear out over the summer and were planning throw this gorgeous dolls house away if no one wanted to take it home and do it up. It is pretty tired looking and run down but it has clearly been made by hand  with lots of love and is still really sturdy.

I know it is a big project, but doing up a dolls house has been on my want to do that list for ever so long so after umming and ahhing about it for a few days (as Ruby already has a dolls house) while it sat unclaimed and unloved,  I decided to go for it and took it home. I just couldn't bear the thought of something this lovely ending up in a skip.

Sooooo I have not got much of a clue where to start, there will definitely be a big learning curve for me and I don't expect to get it all beautified in a hurry but yay, so excited!

All hints, tips and stories of doll house renovation much appreciated
Jolene xx

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