Golden Hearts Fund Raiser

There has been a lovely response on Facebook to the Gold Awareness Hearts that I have been making for Beads of Courage and my 52 little things project through September. I've even had a few requests from folks who wanted to buy one but I don't make and sell beads that I've designed especially for BoC as it wouldn't feel right somehow.

 What I decided to do instead is make some and auction them to fund raise for Be Child Cancer Aware. That way these very special beads will be supporting kids on the Beads of Courage program here in the UK. There are only 8 Gold Hearts in total, 4 that I have gifted to BoC for Act of Courage beads and these 4 which are on Facebook and up for auction...please click HERE to take a look and see how the bidding is going, last bids will be 10pm on Monday 30th of September.

The one that is golden

The one with all the dots

The one with all the flowers

the one with all the stripes

Have a super weekend, Jolene xx

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