Papering the first rooms.....

As a crafty treat for Roo this evening she and I gathered some supplies together to wallpaper her dolls house bedroom. I decided to go for PVA for hanging the wallpaper as we already had plenty here. We used scraps of the paper in her own bedroom that were stashed away for a rainy day.

I did the cutting and Roo had a fun time pasting the walls with PVA ready for putting up the wallpaper in her mini bedroom.

Below is a snap of Roo's finished mini bedroom. I've used self adhesive purpose made dolls house carpet for the floor that I had found on ebay. It was really easy to cut and apply. I suspect when we get around to decorating Roo's real bedroom we'll need to redecorate her mini bedroom too :-D
Next I covered the outside lower story walls with yellow brick  paper - bit of a mishap when I forgot to cut out one of the windows before sticking the paper to the wall but I think I got away with it by snipping a cross in the paper from the centre to the corners of the window and folding and sticking the paper down inside the window frame.

The next job was to paper and carpet Ethan's mini room to look like his proper bedroom too. This is not a very clear picture as the paper has silver Dinos all over it, really cute.
I didn't remember to lave a little flap of extra paper to run down to the floor and under the carpet so there is a little white line around both of the rooms where the paper and carpet meet. I'm thinking that adding skirting boards at some point would be a nice thing to do to make it look much neater. I will definitely remember to leave an overlap for the floor on the next rooms to get papered though!

These three pics show how I made some plaster to render the front door alcove and pathway around the  house. It is a mixture of white emulsion, PVA, and food colouring.

The next bit was really fun, I dabbed the gloopy "plaster" on with a paint brush to give the alcove and pathway some interesting texture. I'm not sure what to do with the pathway area next really, maybe the kids will want to paint it grassy green or maybe we could make some planters and pots of flowers to decorate the outside space. I saved the left over gloopy mixture in an old coffee jar just in case we need it again for something.
And this is where the house is at so far.... I wonder how long the gloopy painty sand mixture is going to take to dry!

Here are some useful links on how to wall paper a dolls house that I found on google...




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