Beauty Base Zero

Anyone with dolls house renovation experience, you may want to cover your ears at this point, but it seemed to me this morning that what would be really helpful is to have a proper blank canvas to work on. Beauty base zero if you will. To that end I popped down the shed and hunter gathered a big tin of brilliant white emulsion and a couple of two inch brushes.
My plans for the house are pretty loose at the moment, what I do know is that this project is one that I really want the children to be part of and for them to know that the house is theirs to play with. As most of this base coat will be covered in paper and carpet eventually it seemed a great time to get my littlest involved, so it was on with the painting shirt and out with the paint brushes and we set to work.
I separated the body of the house from the roof and we painted it in two parts starting with the roof. I think the house will need a rub down and a second coat tonight, particularly outside of the first floor which is not going to be papered at all. Stage two will be papering the roof but I am finding it hard to find info on the best way to tackle that on the net. Probably best to make a series of templates out of plain paper first I think.

We both have paint in our hair and smiles on our faces, so that is all good.

have a lovely week, Jo x

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