Plot 36 - woodchip pathway....

I thought I would start my post with a picture of this lovely cheeky little Robin who pays us a visit every time we go to the allotment. He must have a field day grubbing for worms and bugs in the freshly turned earth I've dug that day.

The plan for today was to create a pathway from the front of the plot straight up to the area at the back which will become the kids flower garden.
 It is getting confusing for my littlest where he is and is not allowed to walk now that digging and planting has begun. Making good clear paths will help with that. I forgot to take a picture before getting started so this one has a plank marking where the edge of the main crop potato bed will be and a line of recycled plastic sheet to show where the edge of the path will be.
I dug a thin trench to finish the front left bed and a thin trench the full width of the plot an the right side and shored up the path/bed boundary with some wooden planks that I found behind the shed the other day. I covered the path with more recycled plastic sheet and tacked it down with old tent pegs then covered the whole path with a thick layer of wood chippings from a communal heap on site.

It has been the most glorious weekend, I hope you have managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine too, Jolene x

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  1. That's such a good idea Jo. You are very lucky to have a communal heap of wood chippings. Our council does nothing for our allotment other than moan if you don't do enough.