Plot 36 - Raspberry canes

A lovely lady at the allotment offered me some Raspberry plants on yesterday as she is digging all of hers out completely and replanting them elsewhere to remove something called creeping buttercup that has become a problem. I picked out a spot on my plot, far right over by my new blackcurrant bed and started to dig a trench for the raspberries. I thought it might be interesting to show a picture of a Doc that I dug out, look how long those roots are! At least 30cm I should think.

There is large spiky plant in the before picture (top left), I think it may be some kind of ornamental grass or possibly even a lily of some sort..... who knows ......so I took it out carefully and split it into three and replanted in various little nooks on my plot where I won't have permanent beds. These are also areas where I plan to put in some spring bulbs in the Autumn. I dug out the raspberry plants from my neighbours plot and removed any traces of creeping buttercup before popping them in in my newly dug trench (above left). When I get back to the lottie today I am going to cover the whole bed (raspberries and blackcurrants) with a thick layer of leaf mulch to keep the weeds down. I'll have to have a think about what sort of support to build for the canes as they grow too.

Jolene x

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