Messy Testing - Fostoria, Tranquility and Night Sky

In this post I am looking at Fostoria ltd run, Tranquility ltd run and Night Sky ltd run.

I picked out these three colours to test together as I  hoped that they would all look delicious etched.... and they do. Fostoria makes me think of the last little bit of Coke in a glass in summer, diluted down with melted ice. Starting at 12 o'clock and moving clock wise we have: Pure Night Sky
Night Sky/Tranquility half and half
Tranquility encased with Night Sky
Pure  Tranquilly
Two beads of Pure Fostoria
Fostoria/Night Sky half and half

Tranquility is a pale lavender transparent that sits wonderfully opposite the rich transparent mid navy blue of Night Sky. Tranquility also sits beautifully with Fostoria which is a cool smokey transparent grey brown which seems to have a similar saturation. I was not so sure that Fostoria would work well with Night Sky without etching so I've given all of the beads in this set Poi accents to tie them together cohesively as a set. Poi is my absolute favourite CiM Purple.

Jolene x

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