Plot 36 - maincrop potato bed and bindweed

This weeks job is to dig the bed for my main potato crop. I've got some Sarpo Mira seed potatoes (which I chose for their reported resistance to blight, good news for a novice allotment-er) chitting in my kitchen and plan to put them in in 3 or 4 weeks time. By then hopefully my Comfrey will be grown enough to be cut and go in the trenches with the Potatoes to nourish them them as they grow. This bed is about 3 by 3 meters wide.

The big problem seems to be lots and lots of white roots - bindweed I think - running through every forkful (pic left) so I am breaking up every piece of earth by hand to try to chase out as many as possible. Today I worked for about a hour and a half and dug and cleared the roots from about 1/3 of the bed. The dustbin lid above shows just how many roots I found. I've a similar amount of time tomorrow and Thursday to be able to carry on with this project so fingers crossed I'll have the bed dug and covered by the weekend. Great weather for it, let's hope it lasts!

Jolene x

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