Plot 36 - A few pics

The weather has cheered up some and my soaking boggy plot is beginning to dry out beautifully. I've finally had the chance to get down there and start digging over the strip of earth that I cleared of surface weeds over the last couple of weeks. Now that I have started digging I can see that there are plenty of very fat and juicy looking worms on the plot which is a great sign.  There are also a couple of contented and fairly tame seeming robins that hang about watching me turn the earth, no doubt looking out for their lunch! I'm sure they will be back again at some point and keep still long enough for a photo.
There is also an interesting meter wide bed of something running the full width of the plot.

I'm thinking that it may be Comfrey and I have my fingers crossed that it is. Comfrey is a great plant that can be grown specifically to use as food to nurture other plants and enrich the material that you are composting. I've been reading about Comfrey tea, which makes an especially good plant food. 

I'm hoping for nice weather at the weekend and that the car is finally back on the road too as I have a lovely offer of some rich compost via freecycle and would love to be able to finish digging and add the compost to my first potato bed.

Jolene xx

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