Plot 36, clearing the scrap heap

Following on from my last Lottie post, I went along yesterday and started shifting all of the misc this 'n' that was stored, hoarded, stashed and dumped on the plot before I got it.

The perimeter fence is being replaced at some point over the next few weeks and everything close to the fence has to be moved away before then.

The cleared space looks massive now. Under this thick layer of leaf litter there is still quite a lot of plastic sheeting, old tired plastic netting and even some half rotted carpet, so quite a lot more to do still. On the upside the earth on this part of the plot looks full of good organic matter and not as weedy as I expected. It will make a lovely spot for the kids flower garden once the fencing work has been done.
I'm very glad that I had planned not to dig the whole plot this year as the tarp covered area has given me somewhere to put everything whilst the fence work is being done. There was quite a large amount of treasure in with the trash including three large wooden frames and some wooden hoops, chicken wire and netting, canes and poles and quite a lot of odd bits of timber that will be useful for edging beds.
I've decided to grow tomatoes in grow-bags this first year and then dig the grow-bag compost in at the end of the growing season so I edged the potato beds either side of the area earmarked for Toms with timber and used a bit of plastic sheet recovered from under the leaf litter, an old gate that came from the scrap heap and some wood chips for weed suppression.

Jolene x

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