Buzzword bead comp and the winners are

It's that time - time to announce the winners of my Buzzword Beads Competition.  I have put every phrase along with the name of the person who put the suggestion forward on it's own slip of paper and have decided to pick out 4 random entries to have their words made up as Buzzword beads.
So here goes.......
  • winner no 1 -  "Dare to dream" from Tina
  • winner no 2 - " Don't follow the crowd, lead it" from Lucy (Miss Pixie)
  • winner no 3 - Favourite swear words from KJ (don't blame me guv, my OH picked the winners from the hat (casserole dish)) innit.
  • winner no 4 -  Bead-a-holic form Linda (Spexy)
Congratulations everyone, please get in touch with me at Jolene at craftpimp dot co dot uk and let me know where to send your beads when they are made.

In addition to these 4 I have also hand picked some extra winners too, I am also going to be making a few specific beads from ideas that have been shared here on my blog because something about each of them is utterly appealing to me in some way. I wish I could have made them all because there were so many great suggestions.

First I'm going to make Vic a set that says "You are never to old to storm a bouncy castle" because that phrase just makes me smile and then smile more. Next, one I've already made (because the temptation to do so was just toooooo irresistible) is a focal for Sam that says "It's only impossible if you think about it" (up there in red and black /\). Third up is a set for Tish that says diabetic insulin dependent in red on white because it'll look great and be useful too and last of my handpicked winners will be Nuttybeader from FHF with "what goes round comes round", such a cool phrase to pop on a bead!

My What's the buzz.... customise your own buzzword bead set option is now live in Etsy. Thank you very much to everyone who cane by and left a comment, my blog has never been so busy before!

Jolene x

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  1. I won! wow how exciting. Off to pm you now Jo, thanks.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!!! I can't wait to see more of these Buzz Word beads!!!

    1. Thank you Dee, sorry you didn't win this time xx

  3. hehehehehe...brilliant!! well done winners and cant wait to see the finished beadies :O)

  4. woohoo lovely wtg all winners