Buzzword bead comp prizes gallery

I have just finished and photographed the custom made prizes for the 8 lucky winners selected from last weeks Buzzword bead comp on my blog. I thought it would be wonderful to show all of them together in this little gallery type post. This first set is for Linda, a trio that reads Bead-a-holic. This deep plummy striated purple glass is a absolute favourite of mine and I hope that Linda likes it too.

The next set I have to show in the prize gallery is a fabulous phrase suggested by Vic. It reads "You are never too old to storm a bouncy castle". Vic wanted a her prize beads made in blues and greens and so I raided my special stash Effetre opalino colours which look delicious!

The third set reads "Don't follow the crowd, lead it", a truly wonderful suggestion put forward by Lucy. It's a wonderful piece of uplifting advice. Lucy told me that she loves bright colour so I have selected this vibrant orange and lime colours for her.

This teeny tiny 15mm round bead reads "It's only impossible if you think about it" which is a bit of a quote from the film The Pirates Band Of Misfits. I couldn't resist the temptation to fit it all on the one bead just to see if it could be done. This one is winging it's way off to Sam in the post.

This next uplifting phrase "Dare to dream" seemed just right to become a Buzzword focal.  This wonderful phrase was put forward as a suggestion by Tina who wanted a purple bead to go with her hair.

 Next a trio mini set that I have made especially for Tish and reads "Diabetic Insulin Dependant" in gloriously red CiM Maraschino glass.

Kathleen wanted purple too for her winning slogan "what comes round goes round". This one was handpicked as a winner because I so wanted to write that on a bead.

You only get a teaser of a glimpse of this last set because my blog is U rated and these beads are...well they are just not! KJ got her name picked out of that hat for a string of her favourite swear words and that lady sure does know how to curse. For those of you who know KJ, it just had to be rainbows innit :-D I just love these beads, they were born to be cheeky and bad!

My What's the buzz.... customise your own buzzword bead set option is now live in Etsy. Thank you once again to everyone who left and entry in my competition, it has been a lot of fun. I think I'll have another buzzword blog comp around Christmas time/

Jolene x

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  1. Oh wow, they're all fab! Just came online to say that mine arrived safely today, and they are awesome, thank you so much. xxxxx

    1. hey there Tina, thanks for coming by and letting me know all is well. Glad you like yours xxx Jo

  2. Mine came too, and in one of my favourite colours. Thanks very much Jo. xxx

    1. Brilliant, thanks for stopping by and letting me know Linda :-D

  3. Just received my beads today, they are beautiful I love them.

    Thank you . Xx

    1. You are welcome Vic and thank you too xx