CiM, Zim and silver....part II

The second in my series of blog posts for testing out CiM (Creation is Messy) glass and Zimmermann frit in combination with fine silver.

The beads on the left are Z861 iris yellow over a base of CiM Adobe ltd run and unique Chai 711793-3 (no frit, just silver foil then encased).  I have only wrapped one half of each Adobe bead with silver foil but rolled the whole bead in frit. The silver foil has reacted wonderfully with the Adobe where it touches the galss and has fumed the rest of the bead to a lovely toffee shade. I couldn't get The Z861 to do anything faux borroish in the slightest but do love how it looks on this bead.

This second combination of glass looks wonderful together. I have used a based of unique Butter Pecan 511703-5, silver foil then Z077 dark moss green frit. The focal is only half wrapped in silver to show the subtle fuming effects  on the base glass. I think that the moss green frit looks two tone and gemlike over this wonderful neutral base. The green spacers I have added to this set are Z077 over Sherwood which is a versatile and slightly striated medium green that I use an awful lot for vines and leaves and seaweed.
Next up is Unique Chai (as seen encased in my first set) with Z711 Silver Amethyst. This pull of unique Chai reminds me very much of Desert Pink, a creamy pale pink which is very reactive with silver (but it is about 1/2 the price of Desert Pink in the UK right now). This set of beads turned out so much darker than I thought it would, the Z711 has melted and spread out wonderfully but the colour is so dense that there is only the slightest hint of deep amethyst at all to these beads. I am definitely putting Z711 on my shortlist of frits to try out with some diluting techniques such as making fritty twistie.

There are two kinds of base glass in this set, Unique Adamantium 511874-1 and Smurfy which is a fabulous turquoise. The larger rounds are 874-1 with silver foil and Z092 turquoise frit. As you may remember from my first CiM/Zim post, I am a little bit of a smitten kitten with Adamantium glass and how it reacts with silver and this unique pull of this glass is no exception. Zimmermann Z092 opaque turquoise frit is a very similar but more saturated shade and tone to Smurfy and I have teamed them up together to make subtle fritty spacers.
My last set to show today is another with CiM Smurfy, this time in combination with Z862 extra light beige. I find Smurfy to be slightly less reactive with Effetre CoE 104 ivory than other soda lime turquoise glass so thought it would be a good choice to try out with this pale furnace glass frit. I made three beads wrapped with silver foil and three without. The larger beads with silver show a much darker and pronounced reaction line with the Smurfy but the melted frit is has remained dense and pale in colour as it has spread  and doesn't appear to have been silver fumed. The smaller beads are made with Smurfy and Z862 without any silver and the reaction line is a pale grey.

Jolene x
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