CiM, Zim and silver......

This is the first in a series of CiM/Zim posts that I am planning to write, the project will likely span two or three months and will focus on just one single technique that I've been meaning to play about with for ever so long. It is a pretty effect caused by layering silver foil (burnished in well) and a sprinkling of gem like frit over the top of an opaque glass base. I've chosen a number of CiM glass colours to try out with some Zimmermann frit that I bought shortly before production ceased in 2009.

My first combo (above) is CiM Ghee with Z680 extra dark aqua blue. These are definitely jewel like, the silver has caused the Ghee base to darken from a rather pale yellow-beige rod to a rather yummy tan toffee caramel covered in teeny silver droplets. Yum! The Z680 is a shimmering deep teal colour that has spread beautifully and gathered clusters of silver together to give textured lines where the frit has melted and met.
The second combination I tried out was CiM Adamantium with Z095 yellow olive and OMG I think I am in love! I adore how the silver has reacted with the Adamantium to form an organic earthy looking crust. Wouldn't you know it but I had only 1 rod here to play with but this colour is definitely on my shopping list now! I have seen this sort of strong reaction before when I have made silvered shards with CiM Desert Pink but the effect here is even stronger. The look of these beads conjures images of ancient arid landscapes pooled with swamps and marshes. The Shimmering deep green areas are the Z093 frit, which has struck from a pale opaque pastel to this glorious pesto-ish green encircled with silver lines.

My last combination today is CiM Olive with Z8155 opaque white frit. I chose Olive as my base glass as I wanted something that was not going to react at all strongly with the fine silver foil and still show contrast with the frit should that react. The burnished foil has broken up in the flame to leave little shimmering silver droplets all over the surface of these beads which looks very pretty. I had expected a much stronger reaction between the fine silver and opaque white Zim frit but was pleasantly surprised that the white stayed intense and dense without turning yukky yellow. There is some dark line definition at the edges of the melted frit where the silver concentration is greater due to the spreading action of the frit but on the whole I am really pleased with the results.

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  1. You should be pleased Jo, these are gorgeous.

  2. Lovely, especially the adamantium set.

    1. Ta Sue, I'm torn between those and the greeny white ones for my faves as I keep changing my mind......