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Messy testing - London Fog, Unicorn, Summer Haze, and Lemongrass ltd run

This post looks at 4 neutral/pale shades of opal glass from the CiM spring collection that came out earlier this year. The first is called London Fog ltd run. It is a misty opal glass and it's really lovely! I have paired it up here with stringers and dots of Class M Planet.



Unicorn ltd run is a milky opal white glass, the same hue as London Fog. Milky opals are semi-translucent while misty opals are just ever so slightly translucent and let more light through. I have paired up Unicorn with Poi and purple encased stringer work.



Summer Haze ltd run is a pale yellow misty opal glass. I have teamed it up with Grumpy Bear.

Lemongrass ltd run (pictured below) is a pale yellow milky opal glass. It lets through more light than the original opal type glass colours from CiM which I personally like a lot. I have paired it up with Oobleck to make these heart pair.


Summer Haze and Lemongrass are another pair of glasses that are the same hue with different translucency. I find I tend to lean towards the Misty Opals generally but I much prefer Lemongrass from this pair.

Jolene x

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