Visual taste test - White Chocolate!

I am completely smitten with my new press, La Patisserie by Kati was here! so yesterday I grabbed a rod each of all of the likely suspects and made some White Chocolate beads..........

My preconception when selecting rods was that my favourite white chocolate colour would be D followed by C then F. It turned out that F was my hands down favourite but I had this niggling feeling that although it looked pretty it was nowhere near the most realistic shade of the 6.
I decided to get some other opinions so I put this image up on Craft Pimp Forum  and on my Facebook Page this morning and asked the girls and boys over there for feedback on most yummy looking/most like white chocolate. I collated the results after 12 hours of canvasing for opinions and scored the feedback.

If someone chose a single clear favourite then I awarded that bead 3 points. If more than one bead was selected then I awarded points on a sliding scale as follows -
Prefers X then Y, X gets 2 points, Y gets 1 point.
Likes X and Y (and Z...), 1 points each.
Thinks X or Y (or Z) is good then 1 points each.

The Glass!
  • A Reichenbach 104 Porcelain
  • B Vetrofond Dark Ivory 262
  • C Effetre Dark Ivory 276
  • D CiM Linen
  • E Vetrofond Honey Crunch 540
  • F Vetrofond Belgian Lace/Yellow Ice 947
The results are very interesting with a clear favourite with F, Vetrofond Belgian Lace with 58% of the vote, followed by C, Effetre Dark Ivory with 26%. The third place favourite was B, Vetrofond Dark Ivory with 11% and 4th was D, CiM Linen with the remaining 5%. 0 votes for Reichenbach Porcelain or Vetrofond Honey Crunch.
And here is the really really interesting bit, I put up the photo on the left on FB only at the same time as the one above because I had prepared it (even though I had already decided to ask for opinions on the underside pic as it showed more or the glass colour). It shows the same 6 beads but decorated side up this time. It attracted a completely different set of opinions and so I have done a tally for this image as well. The surprise favourite is D, CiM Linen with 52% of the vote followed by C,  Effetre Dark Ivory with 24%, B Vetrofond Dark Ivory with 19% and A Reichenbach Porcelain with the remaining 5%. F, Vetrofond Belgian Lace did not even get a mention.

What this little experiment tells me is that I have 3 excellent options to choose from when I want to make yummy looking white choc beads - Vetrofond Belgian Lace for plain and textured chocs, CiM Linen which is much darker in tone than Belgian Lace holds up well to being "Iced" and Effetre Dark Ivory as a good all rounder option.

Thank you to everyone who played along and shared their opinions today.

Jolene x

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  1. Wow nice Jolene!!! Maybe you could try Czech glass, the ivory one. I use that one for white chocolat :) But be careful, it does blow around when heated to quick...

    1. Hi Kralalien, I hadn't thought of Czech glass, I will track dome down! Thank you Jo x