Luscious Caramels made with CiM Ghee

Every now and then I get a terrible crush on a glass colour and right now I am sweet on CiM Ghee.

I've had a little bit of this glass in my stash for a very long time but have rarely done anything with it. In rod form Ghee looks like a pale yellow that falls somewhere just shy of fully opaque. Yellow, pale yellow in particular, has never been up there as one of my go to colours.

My recent fascination with making sweet treats and chocolate beads with my Kati press has had me looking at glass colours in a whole new way. I've been opening draws and musing what glass actually looks good enough to eat! Looking with sweet shop eyes at Ghee made me wonder if it might work well for lemon icing or lemon curd filling for sponge cakes. When I took my first Ghee test bead out of the kiln I was thrilled with how utterly delicious it looked. Without any fuss or special treatment from me it had struck evenly to a rich caramel, looking melt in the mouth delicious and utterly lickable (though I can promise you that I haven't actually licked any!                   

To the right are a trio of Ghee based apple caramel beads iced with milk choc, dark choc and white icing and Ghee looks suitably delicious in combination with all three or them and has me hankering to make glass profiteroles too! Nom nom nom!

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