Mini Mo' July 2012 - Crème Brûlée and Strawberry Mivvi

Both of my July glasswork collections are inspired by sweet treats. The first, Crème Brûlée, uses colours that bring to mind smooth caramelised sugar. I've used Effetre Apricot 419, Dark Yellow 412, Orange Transparent Special 422-T and Dark Brown 448 with Choca Mocha shards
To the right and below are two views of a very special bracelet. My very first BHB bead collection. BHB is short hand for big hole bead and these have a 4mm hole which means they will fit many of the popular European Bracelet systems out at this time. I have created this lovely collection using shards twistie and murrini from my Creme Brulee Mini Mo'.
There is twistie, murrini or shard detail over a trio of subtle yet gorgeous glass colours, CiM Dirty Martini and Effetre Uranium Yellow and Uranium Yellow opaque.
My second collection is arguably the most vibrant collection of glasswork to date. It is called Strawberry Mivvi as these colours together bring to mind one of my favourite childhood treats. I've used Vetrofond odd lot Sunshine Special, Vetrofond odd lot Banana Cream and CiM Maraschino with Silvered Banana Cream shards.
To the left and below are two views of my Strawberry Mivvi BHB breacelet which uses all of the  elements of my Strawberry Mivvi Mini Mo' over CiM Sangre, CiM Clockwork and CiM Canary ltd run.
I have made four beads styles, one in each of these three zinging colours, tyre beads wrapped in twistie, tyre beads with twistie dots, round beads with shard decoration and lastly round beads with twisted murrini.

Jolene x

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