Mini Mo' Colour club in Febuary

I run a lampwork glass colour club for 14 ladies and each month I send out the little glasswork packages of twistie, shards and murrini that I call Mini Mo's (Mini Mojo's). There are three strands of the Mini Mo Club, Amethyst and Beryl and Chalcedony and so I make three colourways each month, one for each strand.

I love putting these collections together each month; picking my colour inspiration from all sorts of places......this month my colour sets are inspired by the frit blends I have been mixing lately and a very special colourway of ivory and green organics.

Amethyst strand - Brights

This month’s Amethyst Mini Mo' contains red, yellow and bright green ribbon twisties and some fine striped black and green twistie which would make excellent vine cane. The murrini are complex starburst with 7 layers and red over yellow stripes to finish. The shard element is purple red laced with Nero Insenso. The colours are inspired by a frit blend that I am sending out for testing this month.

My test beads are encased cores, with Orange Grove frit, decorated with thin stringer work and Brights murrini.

Beryl strand - Cottontail

This month’s Beryl Mini Mo' contains soft blues, baby pinks, a touch of purple and lots of scrummy Rubino Oro. Rubino Oro likes and oxygen rich flame and so I have encased the ribbon twistie so that it will be more friendly to the Mini Mo' Club members working on Hot Head torches. I have made some ultra fine baby blue Rubino striped twistie and rose cane too. The murrini are complex starburst with 7 layers and purple over white stripes to finish. The shard element is baby blue glass laced with Nero Insenso.

My beads have been made using the Rubino ribbons and ultra fine baby blue twistie with Cottontails murrini.

These are encased beads with a core of baby pink and Cottontails frit blend

Chalcedony strand - Seaside organics

This month’s Chalcedony Mini Mo' is a sea side inspired colourway, with green twistie for vines and fauna and ribbon twistie to give the impression of seaweed. The Barnacle murrini are striped with a striated earthy brown colour glass that I have hand mixed. The Barnacle murrini do not like to be reduced at all. The shard element of this Mini Mo' is silver infused Belgian Lace, a Vetrofond odd lot. It has turned golden with organic effects when kisses with silver in the flame.

I have made this first set of beads using CiM Creamsicle glass as the base, for a parched desert feel. The Barnacle murrini look almost fossilized against this backdrop. This bead set also contains my EZ Tiger frit blend

These pretty lentils were created for my first ever Etsy commission and use the ribbon twistie for a seaweed effect, Barnacle murrini and Gaffer Chalcedony frit.

I really wanted to show off the versatility of these simple looking organic murrini and here is an example of how they look both melted flat and left raised under a deep encasement.

You can find out more about my glass work and frit blends on my UK shop Kitzbitz Art Glass

Jo x


  1. Absolutely stunning work Jo! I found you on Heather's blog.... Heather's Haven..... Go glad she posted about you.... I look forward to following your beautiful work! :)

  2. Nice to meet you Kirsten, thank you for such lovely comments x

    Jo xx