Mini Mo' Club in January

I run a lampwork glass colour club for 14 ladies and each month I send out the little glasswork packages of twistie, shards and murrini that I call Mini Mo's (Mini Mojo's). There are three strands of the Mini Mo Club, Amethyst and Beryl and Chalcedony and so I make three colourways each month, one for each strand.

I love putting these collections together each month; picking my colour inspiration from all sorts of places......this month my colour sets are inspired by the change of the seasons and blue....just because it is my favourite colour to work with.

Amethys strands - Turning Leaf

The twisites in this set are made with creansicle and a special handpulled Effetre glass called Red Copper Green, which does beautiful shiny things when you expose it to an oxygen rich flame. The Turning Leaf murrini also contain elements of copper green and the shard element of this Mini Mo' is silver infused coral, an absolute favourite of mine.

This first bead set shows the ribbon twistie under and encasing layer of clear glass and silvered coral shards, melted in flat.

To get the pewter shimmer from the Turning Leaf murrini, I apply them in an oxygen fich flame.

I call this kind of bead a fritty ruffle, and have created a free tutorial showing how to make them Here.

The fritty ruffle tutorial also shows you how to tweek the leaf murrini in to sHape with a cold stringer.

Beryl strand - Spring Leaves

The Spring leaves colourway is full of rich greens, opaque green over white, transparent olive over white and two tone ribbon twistie. The Sring leaves murrini take a similar form to those in the Amethyst strand Mini Mo' but are much more "juicy" in colour and shape. The shard element of this Mini Mo' os mid opaque green laced with strips of copper green which will give interesting yet subtle reactions in various flame coonditions.

Chalcedony strand - Crystal Waters

This month’s Chalcedony Mini Mo' is blue, my favourite. There is blue and white opaque twistie, and both aqua and baby blue ribbon twistie. The murrini are complex starburst with 7 layers and have been laced with fine silver. The shard element is silver infused CiM Chalcedony (you can find out more about CiM Chalcedony shards You can find my glassy offerings on Etsy at here )

These beads have been created using elements of the opaque twistie and Crystal waters silvered murrini.

A medley of beads each containing elements from the Chalcedont strand Mini Mo' for Jan.

You can find out more about my glass work and frit blends on my UK shop Kitzbitz Art Glass and on Etsy

Jo x

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