Artists spotlight - Heather Goheen

Heather Goheen is an exceptionally talented Seed Bead artist and jewellery designer. She has a wonderful eye for colour and creates beautiful and challenging pieces of art incorporating the human form.

Heather creates exquisite and intricate beaded dolls, The Treasure Hunter - is simply stunning! And also my personal favourite. I love her grace and style, elegantly bejeweled in aqua and shine.

Disterbia is another favourite, cute and beguiling, unsettling in her prettiness and chains.

Heather is a keen blogger. You can find more stunning designs by Heather on Etsy at Heathers Haven and follow her Facebook fan page here



  1. Wonderful post! You chose my favorite piece of Heather's to show off! I love that cuff!!!

  2. Great post, and WOW, I love that Treasure Hunter doll too!

  3. Oh! Thank you Jolene! your so sweet, I'm very proud of the Mermaid, thanks for showing her off!

  4. Very nice post! I love all of Heather's art dolls...they are incredible! Lovely jewelry, too!

  5. Great post! I love Disterbia...angel wings and chains...such a playful combination that shows Heather's amazing sense of humor.