I have been burning the midnight oil this past week....tinkering with my brand new obsession of testing and blending C0E 96 Frit. Here are some of the fruits of my labor, fritty eggs, or Freggs as I fondly think of them. I now have 30 of these tactile little bonny beads, tagged with their names, stock numbers, behaviors and quirks. It is so much like glass alchemy, plus there is a great deal of satisfaction in creating my very own tactile colour chart.

Special thanks to my pal Freda Pouflis for coming over and taking pictures for me when my babysitter cancelled on me with the hangover from hell ;D

You can find more of my beads and glasswork on Etsy and on my webshop too.
Jo x


  1. The etsy link above goes to ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/seedlingsjewelry ) not your shop!

    Gorgeous Freggs, let me know when you list the robins egg blue!

  2. Thanks KJ, have sorted out my link prob now ;D
    Robins Egg Blue is up sweets

    Chat soon, Jo x

  3. These are fabulous, Jo...someday I will become a glass artiste like you...lol