Messy testing Pachyderm, Koala and Hemoglobin ltd run

Koala ltd run is a cool opaque grey glass. It is one of two opaque grey colours coming out in the next release of new colours from CiM. The other is called Pachyderm ltd run.

I like the bright crisp tone to this pretty grey, it does not appear to have striations when worked. The heart here is made with a base of Koala decorated with Peace, Hemoglobin ltd run (a new red coming out in this release also) and Reichenbach dense black.

Here is a side by side comparison of Pachyderm ltd run (left pair) with Koala ltd run (right pair). Both sets have been decorated with flowers made with Hemoglobin ltd run.
Pachyderm is a warm brown toned grey which has lots of striations and will strike to even warmer tones in the flame. This set has been made with a base of Pachyderm ltd run with Elphaba and Smurfy decoration.

 And because it was it was an irresistible temptation to make one, here is an Ellie bead made with Pachyderm! This bead is a much better example of the colour variation you can see within Pachyderm. I think this will be a fun glass for sculptural designs.

Jolene xx

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