Messy Testing Prussian Blue and Troll ltd run

One of my favourites from the upcoming CiM glass collection is Prussian Blue ltd run. It is a rich blue colour that develops deep green striations and patches when worked. It is similar to Class M Planet ltd run from the September collection (shown below) but in a darker and more intense blue shade.

Troll ltd run is a another pretty one. It's a grey toned opaque green that looks wonderful teamed up with light pastel shades. It puts me in mind of a glass called Kermit (SPL1000) which was a one off  CoE 104 colour run from Reichenbach that was available in 2014 and is now near impossible to find. It is really nice to be able to make these pastel/green two toned hearts again with Troll. It's a welcome addition to the green palette for me.

Jolene xx

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