Messy Testing Sea Mist, Yangtze and Cornsilk ltd run

Three more gorgeous colour from CiM coming out soon. From left to right these hearts are made with Sea Mist ltd run, Yangtze ltd run and lastly Cornsilk ltd run.
Sea Mist ltd run is a pretty exciting glass, looking up the end of the rod you cans see concentric circles of alternate layers of clear and pale blue, like veiled cane. When worked you get a lovely soft pastel misty blue.

I found that Sea Mist can bubble easily when the tip of it placed directly in the flame or when flame cutting the rod away from the bead. I found that moving the rod in a small circle when flame cutting sped up the cutting process and cut down any scumming at the tip.
Turning the heat down helped a lot as I tend to work on the hot side (two oxycons on a Carlisle Mini CC). I also increased the oxygen content of the flame and worked a little higher in the flame than my usual spot to slow the melting speed down. Lastly I didn't place the tip of the rod directly in the flame but instead heated the part of the rod just behind the tip in the flame instead. These adjustments practically eliminated any micro bubbles formed by boiled glass. Working a little slower and cooler is no bad thing, especially for results as pretty as this!

Yangtze ltd run is also a veiled cane, this time the layers are alternate clear and pale pastel yellow. I worked this glass in the same way as I did the Sea Mist, as cool as possible and it came out looking lovely. It makes me think of traditional barley sugar boiled sweets, yum!

I popped the Sea Mist and Yangtze nugget beads in a rock tumbler for and hour and half with some glass shot and silicon carbide grit and water to give them a soft velvety matt finish.
Cornsilk ltd run is a very pretty cream opal colour with a gorgeous putrescent lustre. It is very well behaved in the flame, melts easily and on the slightly stiffer side to work with.

Cornisilk looks pretty with silvered ivory stringer. The nugget set has been tumble etched to give them a soft velvety finish.

Jolene x

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