Messy Testing Safari and Van Dyke Brown ltd run

These beads have been made with Safari ltd run, one of the new colours available soon from CiM. It's a pretty brown that gives several shades within the same bead ranging from french mustard to warm chocolate brown. The darkest areas show where I have formed facets by pressing the hot glass with a graphite paddle. The stripes pair are made with silvered ivory stringer. Safari has not reacted with the silvered ivory in any noticeable way. It looks lovely when tumble etched.

This next collection of nugget beads are made with Van Dyke Brown ltd run. There is less of a range of colour variation within this glass than with Safari. It can give visible striations where later wraps have been melted down over the original base bead. I would describe the colour as dark brown tending towards grey. There is no noticeable reaction between Van Dyke Brown and silvered Ivory stringer (used for the dot beads) and it looks like stone when tumble etched.

Jolene xx

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