Messy testing, Yellow Brick Road, Painted Hills, and Bashful ltd run

Two new earthy shades of glass coming out soon from CiM side by side. On the left is Painted Hills ltd run decorated with Emperor over Peace. Painted Hills is a pretty pale faun colour which tends towards grey. It can give subtle pretty striations between melted in wraps.

On the right is Yellow Brick Road ltd run decorated with either dots of Emperor ltd run or Denim ltd run (also coming out soon) over Peace.
I have teamed up Yellow brick Road and Painted Hills with Bashful ltd run in these pretty hearts. Yellow brick road is a fascinating colour, warm caramel brown tones with a blush of warmer and darker milk chocolate brown in places. It is easily going to become one of my favourite glasses to play with.

Bashful ltd run looks like a soft and pretty warm toned grey in combination with these earthy brown and faun colours and silvered ivory stringer wraps.

These classic nugget shapes are made with Bashful ltd run which has been decorated with silvered ivory stringer.

Jolene x

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