Messy Testing Barrier Reef, Mockingbird and Maroon ltd Run

This lovely trio of heart pairs are made with a lush new intense green transparent glass coming out soon from CiM called Barrier Reef ltd Run. I have pulled a fine stringer of Barrier Reef from the end of the rod and used it to decorate hearts made from a base of Frozen ltd run. The petals on the floral pair are made with a lush new red called Maroon ltd run.

These Frozen hearts are decorated with a stringer of  a new pretty and subtle transparent grey called Mockingbird ltd run. The flowers petals on this floral pair have also been made with Maroon ltd run.

I chose Frozen ltd run as the base for these new colours as it a beautiful opal white and I wanted to get a real feel for what shades I would get from Barrier Reef and Mockingbird from very fine stringer.

Interestingly, whilst messing about with the newer colours I found that Frozen kiln strikes a bit to something more opaque. I made the Barrier Reef dot and wrap beads first then got called out of the studio for over and hour and left them to keep warm in the kiln. Those first two pairs are markedly more opaque looking than the others.

Jolene x

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