Messy Testing Prairie Grass, Blue Arrow frog, Spearmint and Envy ltd run

This deliciously bright new opaque green is called Prairie Grass ltd run. I have decorated it with dots of bright orange Butternut ltd run (that came out a while back) and fine stringer lines made with a lush new dense opaque mid blue called Blue Arrow Frog ltd run. I will write more about Blue Arrow Frog in my next blog post.

Next I want to show you this pretty opal pastel green called Spearmint ltd run. I have decorated these hearts with stringer made for another new green glass, a mid green transparent called Envy ltd run.The red petals are made with Maroon ltd run.

Envy sits about halfway between Oz and Emerald City in shade. The beads below are made over a base of Primavera ltd run. They have been decorated with vines made from fine stringers of all three shades of transparent green for direct comparison.

The beads on the left with yellow flowers have Oz stringer, middle with red flowers have Envy stringer and on the right hand side with orange flowers the vines are made with Emerald City stringer.

Jolene x

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