Messy Testing Denim, Aloha, Pixie and Splash ltd run

This post looks at a few more of the new colours coming out from CiM very soon (check out the artists preview page here). First up today is a chic steel grey blue transparent called Denim ltd run. The first pair shown are made with Frost ltd run wrapped with a 1mm Denim stringer. The second pair are made with a core of denim encased with Effetre 006 and finished with a silvered ivory wrap. The last pair show what Denim looks like as different sized dots over Frost. Denim is such a pretty and unique addition to the 104 palette. It is definitely on my wish list.

I have teamed up two of the new pretty cool toned opaques with Frost. The first two pairs of hearts are made with Pixie ltd run on the top half and Frost on the bottom half separated with a band of silvered ivory.

The two pairs on the right hand side are made with Aloha ltd run on the top half and Frost on the bottom half. Pixie is such a pretty shade of green, slightly pastel and minty looking. Aloha is a pretty mid turquoise shade similar to Smurfy.

Last but not least is Splash ltd run which is a lush bright light sapphire blue transparent. The nuggets here are simply made with Splash on its own and a ribbon of silvered ivory stringer. They seem to have a lovely glow to them.

The trio of heart pairs here are also made with Splash on its own. I have tumbled them with some silicon carbide grit in a rock tumbler to give them a velvety matt finish. Splash etches beautifully.

Jolene x

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