Messy Testing - Toto, Pistachio Ice Cream and Slate ltd run

Today I have 3 more pretty additions to the CiM palette to show. First is Toto ltd run which starts out as kind of brownish beige but strikes to a variety of brown and earthy grey shades the longer you work it in the flame. Here you can see a good range of the colours that come from Toto. The tumble etched spacers are made with a core of Toto encased with Effetre clear. I have decorated the rounds with Pistachio Ice Cream ltd run dots under Maple with Mahogany ltd run stringer and Butternut ltd run dots.

These rounds are made with Pistachio Ice Cream ltd run which is a very pale pastel green. You could go as far as calling it a green tinted white. I have used the same combination of colours to decorate the Pistachio Ice Cream rounds, large Toto dots under Maple with Pistachio Ice Cream stringer and Butternut ltd run and Mahogany ltd run dots. The spacers are encased tumble etched Maple.
This last set are made with Slate ltd run, a pale and pretty transparent grey toned blue. Both the rounds and spacers are made with a core of Slate under Effetre Clear. The spacers have been tumble etched and the rounds decorated with large Effetre white dots under Aegean ltd run and my all time favourite green glass, Elphaba.

Jolene x

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