Messy Testing - Cleopatra ltd run

Cleopatra ltd run is a densely saturated rich purple. I have used it to make candy striped core petal beads. Every shade of transparent purple that you see in these beads has been created with Cleopatra.

I have used it as a solid colour core under clear in the tumble etched spacers. In the rounds I have used it to create the initial core with white dots on top or or over a white core as tiny dots that have been further diluted with Effetre clear and stretched out to make pale candy stripes. The petals have been formed by adding tiny dots of Cleopatra over dots of either Effetre white or CiM Lapis. On the surface of these beads I have used Cleopatra stringer to create some darker purple dotty details by adding a second layer of Cleopatra to build up the colour intensity. All in all Cleopatra is a very pretty and versatile colour.

Jolene x

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