Messy Testing - Jet Stream ltd run

Jet Stream ltd run, coming out from Creation is Messy (CiM) soon, is a pretty sapphire blue. It behaves beautifully in the flame without scumming or boiling when worked hot.

These beads on the left have a core of Jet Stream encased with Efftre clear and decorated with Butternut ltd run, Elphaba and Efftre light Grass Green.

Jet Stream also looks lovely layered up inside petal beads. It is pale and delicate when used in small quantities over Effetre white and diluted further with layers of clear encasement. The dark opaque blue details in these beads is Effetre 421 Lapis Blue. The spacers are made with a thin core of Jet Stream encased with Effetre 006 and given a tumble etched finish.


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