Messy testing - Duck Egg ltd run and Tortoise ltd run

This past couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to have a look at, and a play with, the newest batches of glass from Creation is Messy. That will be released in the near future.

The two I am blogging about today are called Duck Egg and Tortoise and they are two of my favourite from this round of testing.
Duck Egg ltd run is like a blue toned version of Dirty Martini (see above, Dirty Martini on the left and Duck egg on the right).

The photo on the left here shows how Duck egg looks with Reichenbach Multicolour Dark detail on the surface. They make a fabulous colour combo!
This trio of hearts is made with Tortoise ltd run decorated with silvered ivory. The Tortoise has struck to various shades between warm grey and pale sage green with the several pressings in a brass press. This has given an organic natural look to the finished beads, like weathered stone (but shiny!).
This egg bead was also made with Tortoise and silvered ivory but it has been shaped with a graphite roller as opposed to being chilled with brass tools. The overall colour variation is much less than with the hearts above. Tortoise and Duck egg are both gloriously olde-worlde shades that will be totally new additions to the currently available Colour 104 colour palette. Love them!

Jolene xx

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