Messy testing - Chamomile, Chateau and Nectar ltd run colours

This set of floral beads was made with Chamomile ltd run and Vetrofond odd Candy Apple. I've not done any comparison testing at all for this colour as there is nothing at all similar in my glass stash to compare it with. Chamomile surprised me, in rod form it looked like it was going to turn out much darker than it did for me here. I really like the way parts of my beads have remained transparent whilst other parts have opacified more which looks especially lovely in  the leaves.
This bead kebab shows where about Chateau falls within the CiM palette, something quite close to (the now sold out) Fostoria ltd run from last year.  From left to right you can see Dusk, Fostoria, Chateau and Sepia.
This pretty egg focal and spacers shows Chateau ltd run off much better than my bead kebab does :-D  It's a very pretty deep golden amber brown transparent.
Last to show this evening is Nectar ltd run. This picture shows Nectar (with silvered ivory wraps) side by side  with  Peachy Keen (decorated with a silvered ivory fern). These glass colours could pass for one another but are named differently as they have different formulae.
Nectar is beautiful bright golden amber and it is also  beautifully well behaved in the flame, happy enough to be worked hot without boiling or pitting.

Jolene xx

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