Messy testing - Boysenberry and Cottontail ltd run colours

These hearts are made with a delicious deep opal plum purple glass which is a new melt from CiM called Boysenberry ltd run.
I like this colour a lot, it is really pretty and rich looking, though I find it very difficult to capture the beauty of this glass in a photograph.
The hearts on the left, decorated with silvered ivory ferns are made with Cottontail ltd run. It is another brand new opal melt from CiM, a delicious looking pale peach, unique to the 104 palette. It reminded me of Peaches N Cream ltd run so I made some more hearts with a silvered ivory band (on the right hand side of the pic) for comparison. The shades are both on the peach family and compliment each other really well.

Jolene xx


  1. Beautiful hearts! Can I ask what the peach on the right is and what heart press you are using here? thank you so much! love your blog!

    1. CiM Peaches N Cream and Bavarian Beads Heart 3D real M

  2. Awesome! That was a fast reply! Thanks so much!