Messy testing - Birthstone, Zoe and Blue-yah! ltd run colours

Today I am making some direct comparisons between three new transparent blue melts from CiM and Pulsar. From left to right in this picture you can see Pulsar, Blue-yah! ltd run, Zoe ltd run and Birthstone ltd run.
I mentioned in my last post that CiM have had a lot of requests for new shades of blue recently and have been trying out new formulae. The first two colours I want to talk about  are Birthstone (at the back) and Zoe, they look very similar to me, a pretty mid aqua, but they have been given different names because they have different formulae which just happened to come out looking similar. The only major difference that I can see between them is that Birthstone was a bit easier to work with in terms of accidental boiling of the glass when working a bit hot (I have a bad habit of doing this!), if you like to work cool and love aqua then both are great.

Next up, a pic of Pulsar (at the back) against Blue-Yah! ltd run. Zoe and Birthstone are lighter and more towards aqua than Pulsar is, Blue-Yah! is a similar kind of intensity to Pulsar but a touch towards teal.

Jolene xx

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