Messy Testing - Whisper ltd run and Primrose ltd run.

CiM Whisper ltd run is a sweet pale opal lilac that gave some lovely subtle webbed surface effects when I used it with my brass heart press. It is a little paler than Thistledown and more opaque than Bubblebath.

For comparison, the hearts in this first picture are (from top to bottom) Thistledown, Whisper and lastly Bubblebath.

These flower bud beads are made with a base of Ink Blot ltd run and tiny swipes of Whisper ltd run to create the petals. There is no trace of the webbing/striations that you can clearly see in the hearts above so I suspect that the webbing effect has been brought out by the repeated heating and cooling cycles that the glass goes through when I worked it with the brass press.

Next I want to show you Primrose ltd run, it is a delicate and pretty shade of pale opaque pink. I have used Reichenbach Dense Black and  Effetre Apricot to decorate these Primrose hearts.
These layered flower buds have a base of Primrose followed by a layer of long Reichenbach Gold Violet petals followed by a layer of short petals made with Whisper.

Primrose is a very natural looking shade - it puts me in mind of the neutral pinky colour that you often see on the inside of seashells.

Jolene x

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