Messy Testing - Poppy and Cinnamon Jelly ltd run colours

Good morning, today I want to show you the last two Messy Color ltd run colours that will be available a little later in the year. They are both gorgeous reds. First up is Poppy ltd run, a stunning bright ladybird red opaque.

Both of the heart sets here and the barrel beads below are made with Poppy teamed up with Reichenbach dense black.

Poppy ltd run is really well behaved in the flame and it gives a solid, bright and streak-free finish with no sign of how and were individual wraps of glass were added to the mandrel.
The last new colour I have to show is Cinnamon Jelly ltd run which is a rich dark berry red. This set of hearts has a base of Cinnamon Jelly decorated with Black and Effetre Apricot. I've not tried making fruits and berry beads before but I suspect this shade would be perfect for creating summer strawberries and redcurrants.

Have a super day, Jolene x

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