Mini Mo' April 14 - Sunny day and Rainy day

My first collection for April is sunny is sunny and bright. I've used Vetrofond Banana Cream, CiM Bing, Effetre Rubino Ora.
This super bright focal is made with CiM Alley Cat, Sunny Day shards and some lovely enamel murrini by Lori and Kim.
My next Sunny Day beads feature the murrini form this collection over Vetro Banana Cream, Effetre Baby Pink and CiM Flax. the whole set has been etched for a soft finish.
My last show for Sunny day is this decadent set of raised florals using  the cane to create all of the raised petals and leaves.
What would April be without a nod to April showers! My second collection, Rainy Day, uses CiM Glacier, CiM Electric Avenue, Vetrofond Dark Teal.
First up a collection of hearts, the transparent set uses Rainy Day murrini for a touch of detail.
This cute heart has a lovely little ladybird surrounded by blooms created with canes form the Rainy Day collection.
My last show for Rainy day is this trio of hearts made using Effete Opalino colours and Rainy Day canes (and chops from the ends of canes to create murrini detail).

I hope you are enjoying your bank holiday weekend, Jolene xx

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  1. Loving the bright colours in the Sunny days mini mo. The orange heart and the blue one with the ladybird are gorgeous. Yum xx