Looking at Bullseye part 7 - Blue Fairy Bullseye Frit Blends

This week I have been playing about with frit. :-D It's been quite a long while since frit called to me but when I saw that Helen Clemons of Blue Fairy Designs has created some beautiful blends in CoE 90 glass I just couldn't resist.

To the left is a set using Helens's Storm Chaser blend over French Vanilla with Transparent Turquoise.

Here I have used Storm Chaser over Powder Blue and Mint Opal. I am afraid the learnt habit of using CoE 96 frit sparingly over CoE 104 glass for years has left its mark on my bead making and there is just the faintest sprinkling of frit over these pretty base colours. The results are very subtle and pretty.
I tried to be a little bit bolder with Berrylicious and added more frit over the base beads this time. It is such a novelty for me knowing that both frit and base are the same CoE! Berrlicious is a super sweet and girly blend of pretty lilacs, purple and pinks. Here it is over Powder Blue and Neo-Lavender Opal.
This blend was a lovely surprise, I hadn't realised when I bought it that there is a touch of pink in this lush green mix. The perfectly named Country Garden is really lovely and looks very pretty over Mint Opal and Neo-Lavender Opal too.
The last Blue Fairy blend that I have to show today is called Sprinkles. I have used it lavishly over a mixed base of French Vanilla and  Neo-Lavender Opal. It looks like there is a party going on on these beads.

You can find these 4 blends and a whole lot more in Helen's glassy supplies shop on Etsy here

Have a lovely evening, Jolene x

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  1. The Bullseye Blue part 7 - first picture of the clear turquoise blue/opaque white blend is stunning!! I love it!