Milk bottle bird feeders.......

The January Challenge set by Laney Mead for Craft Pimp peeps is to create bird feeders using "stuff"  from around the house. A quick google search later and I found lots of examples of sweet simple milk bottle feeders which looked an excellent starter project to do with my little ones. I asked the kids to doodle some shapes for the openings on each side of the bottles and helped them cut them out.

They had loads of fun filling them up with wild bird seed mix which went everywhere. I pushed through old chopsticks for the birds to stand on and popped some wool through the handles to hang them up by.

Time will tell how much of the wild bird seed will stay in when the wind blows! I hope these turn out to be popular with the local wildlife (which includes a flock of green parakeets) so that my little ones can enjoy watching the birds come by for a snack.

The kids loved making these and the next plan is to make some kind of  bird cookies or fat balls :-D

Jolene xx


  1. I think these will be a success with your local birds - and you have parakeets, you lucky thing!

    The fat ball recipe on the Gardeners World site is too soft, falls apart and crumbles which would be disappointing for the kids.

    1. Thanks Sue, your bird feeders are wonderful :-D Will avoid the fat ball route then, all of the cookie recipes I have found so far call for either gelatine or corn syrup and we have neither in the cupboard at the moment.