Messy testing - Muskmelon and Mint Chip

This week I have been looking at a couple of the newer pale greens to be added the Green CiM ltd run palette. These came out in autumn last year. First up is Muskmelon, a beautifully subtle shade of pale pistachio green that looks wonderful both glossy and etched.
Muskmelon reacts very strongly with silver. This goddess bead has been partially burnished with fine silver leaf which has then been vapourised in the torch flame. Where the silver was touching the glass there is now a deep toffee coloured patch encrusted with tiny little bead-lets of silver.
The next colour I have to show is Mint Chip. It is much greener than Muskmelon, a pale pastel minty shade of green. I love how Mint Chip looks etched, soft and rich at the same time. It is a great contrast for for the purple and deep green enamel that I've teamed it up with here.
This glossy Mint Chip goddess has been partially wrapped with silver which has then flashed through a very hot torch flame. The reaction is much less pronounced that you can see with Muskmelon but has given a very pretty contrasting reaction with the silver none the less.

Have a lovely week Jolene xx

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