Messy testing - Trade winds, Neon Blue and Tuscan Teal

The first in the trio of CiM ltd run colours that I am looking at today is Tuscan Teal.I adore this colour, it is rich luscious and gem like. The focal to the left has a tube shaped core of Tuscan Teal which has been encased with Effetre 006 clear before I pressed it in to a coin shape. The bubble dots are made with Neon Blue over Effetre white.
This little set has been made using small dots of Tuscan Teal and Trade Winds over Effetre white to  form the core of these encased rounds and show what these two colours look like in dilute form. They compliment each other beautifully they both look lush!
Next up is a pressed coin shaped focal made with Trade Winds. This bead has a core of 006 which has been spiral encased with a thick layer of Trade Winds and a further encasing layer of 006. This lovely blue makes me think of Sapphires.
I have used a small footprint of Trade Winds to form the core of these little beads. The encasing layer is very thick but the core colour is a deep and gorgeous intense blue none the less.
The last bead I have to show toady is made with Neon Blue ltd run over a core of 006. I have encased it with 006 also.  This beautiful blue is much lighter and brighter than Trade Winds. It is a really happy colour.

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Jolene xx

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