Messy testing - Jupiter Storm, Ocher and Sunset ltd run

There are 10 new Creation is Messy ltd run glass colours in the pipeline that will on sale sometime soon. You can check out a the CiM preview page for a sneaky-peek.

By far the most intriguing to me was Jupiter Storm. In rod form it looks like a pale grey beige but this finished goddess bead has highlights in palest caramel orange that have nothing to do with fuming from the silver leaf burnished over the top. This colour variation adds a lot of depth and interest to my little goddess bead. Jupiter Storm reacts strongly with fine silver leaf, the dark caramel patches on the torso have been created by burnishing on small pieces of silver leaf and then vapourising it  in the flame.
Ocher ltd run is a fabulous colour, something like Effetre Mustard 460 but much greener. It has a very cool 70's retro feel about it. Although there is a big reaction between Ocher and fine silver, the reaction is not so much a colour change as an earthy organic ashen effect on the surface of the glass - which is much cooler than that description makes it sound (see the effect here on right side of this bead).

Sunset ltd run is a lovely rich and bright coral orange that puts me in mind of ripe Persimmon. It reacts with silver leaf very strongly to give a dark caramel brown organic stain on the glass in the places where the silver has been vapourised away in the flame.

I wanted to test this trio of colours first as they jumped out at me as belonging together.  I immediately wanted to team them up with a lovely bright turquoise and decided to go with Smurfy. I reckon they look great together (see image below) and look very "Desert Sunset". It seems to me that there is much less of the dark reaction line between the Smurfy and the Sunset and Ocher than I would have expected to see from a similar colour selection from the Effetre palette.

Have a lovely day, Jolene xx

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  1. Like the Jupiter storm.....mmmmmm! Very excited as ordered a kiln today.....yipeeee! Xx

    1. Claire that is so exciting, congratulations on the kiln. You must give it a name as soon as it arrives. Mine is called Maxine......