Etsy Listing Polishing Project....

This is something I am aiming to do for all of my Etsy listings over time but for now here is the very first example of my Etsy Etsercise Listing Polishing project.

The whole idea of this project is to create a top notch listing that will work as a template for future listings. What I am aiming for are good images that will draw a potential customer in and a few tricks that will tempt them to stay and browse longer in your shop.

Etsy Etsercise Listing Polishing Tips

Take the best photographs you can

Aviod portrait images opting instead for square or landscape images. Minimum image size of 1000 px is reccommeded but I find both 1000 px by 1000 px and 1000px by 800 px can work really well.

For your primary photo choose the one that looks most interesting as a thumbnail

Use all 5 spaces for images
  • Do include a close up of interesting detail
  • Do show your product in situ
  • Do show your product in an image with other similar products
  • If you are marketing your product as a gift show packaging
  • You can even show yourself at work or a view of the equipment you use to make your products

Use all 14 tags
  • Include specific colours such as sky blue or baby pink
  • Include any/all of your team tags

Include tags that describe who the product is for
For instance:
  • Mothers day present
  • Bridal shower
  • For him
  • House warming gift

Include a URL that takes you to another related listing or to other relevant products
  • If your necklace has matching earrings post the link to them
  • If you have a range of products post a link to that shop category

What I haven't covered here is how to write an interesting shop description – I think this merits it own Etsy Etsercise project in the future.

Here are a couple of before and after pics for one of my listings. I hope this post is useful and easy to follow and will help others to create the most professional listings they can too.

Further Reasearch

Jolene x

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  1. Great post! Popped over from HAF. :D

  2. Some great tips for anywhere you sell on line! Pictures and descriptions have to catch someones eye quickly and you have certainly done that.

  3. Excellent stuff, thanks for sharing!