Gaffer Frit Colour Chart

This is the start of a long term project that I have in mind for Craft Pimp Forum. It is the beginnings of a colour chart showing Gaffer frit in use in lampwork bead making.

Gaffer frit is manufactured in New Zealand by John Croucher and John Leggott and has a coefficient of Expansion (CoE) of 96 but can be used in small quantities very effectively with CoE 104 glass such as Effetre (Moretti), Reichenbach 104, Lauscha, Vetrofond, CiM and other sodalime and soft glass.

There are somewhere up close to 200 shades of frit available in the Gaffer colour range and not all are readily available in the U.K. This little chart is  just the tip of the iceberg really so far.

If anyone has images and notes that they would like to add to the chart I would be very grateful. There will be full credits and links given to everyone who makes a contribution.

I think that this project is going to be a labour of love.

Jolene x

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