Messy testing - Tahitian Pearl ltd run

This is the most perfectly named glass! Tahitian Pearl ltd run is one of the newest CoE 104 lampwork colours coming out this winter from Creation is Messy. Tahitian Pearl is just dreamy to work with, it is super soft and buttery when melted and it has the most subtle metallic silver shimmer even when worked in a neutral flame.

These leaves and spacers have been created in a neutral flame - I flashed the leaves in and out of the flame a couple of time once they were formed to create a little more silver surface shimmer.

To get an even more pronounced silver metallic finish you can waft your bead through a slightly propane or oxygen rich flame to add a deeper and richer patina.

The petals on these flower beads were swiped on to the blue base bead in an oxygen rich flame, the resulting silver patina looks like brushed pewter.
To create this striped lentil bead I swiped on thick clear Effetre 006 stringers over a base of Tahitian Pearl to mask and protect parts of the original soft smoke grey rod colour from reacting to the flame chemistry. I melted the clear lines down flat and pressed the bead in a brass press then wafted the bead trough a propane rich flame few times to bring out the metallic patina on the non masked areas. In a propane rich environment the patina comes out looking industrial and textured.
These sweet and simple rustic hoop beads are one of  my favourte styles of bead to create. In Tahitian pearl they look especially pretty.

Happy melting, Jolene xx

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