Messy testing - Venus ltd run

Venus ltd run is a lovely pale transparent peachy pink shade, it came out last autumn from Creation is Messy.

I have used Venus to create these little flower bud beads, the petals are Venus swiped over a base of CiM Heffalump. This combination of colours is so feminine and delicate.
Venus by itself it a lovely peachy shade. I find it easier to work with than many other translucent colours as it does not seem to mind being worked quite hot. There was very little in the way of scumming or micro bubbles due to boiling in a very hot flame.
Venus looks beautiful etched - these simple hoops have been tumbled with silicon carbide grit in a rock tumbler for a couple of hours to give them a matt finish. They look like they have some sort of soft warm inner glow to them.

Jolene xx

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