Messy testing - Egg White, Lemonade and Baked Alaska ltd run

In this post I am looking at 3 of the neutral shades of CoE 104 glass coming out in a few weeks from Creation is Messy. The first on show is CiM Egg White ltd run. It is a white opal glass that has been designed to stay translucent. This is the second glass of this new type that I have looked at so far (see my post on Elixir) and it too seems to have a kind of inner glow to it. Egg White is a fairly stiff glass that is not reactive with either turquoise (Smurfy dots) or handmade Effetre silvered ivory stringer.

Lemonade ltd run is described as a misty opal, it looks to me to be the palest possible shade of yellow and has a lovely cloudy look to it. Another stiff and well behaved glass to work with. Lemonade also does not react with either turquoise or with my handmade Effetre silvered ivory stringer.

This picture shows a side by side comparison of Egg White rustic hoops (left) and Lemonade hoops (right).
The translucency of each is not created by striking in the flame or by tweaking the flame chemistry, this is exactly how each glass works up in a neutral flame.
Baked Alaska ltd run is a pale ivory cream opaque glass that contains silver. As you can see from this pair of little lentil beads, it does not react with turquoise glass. I have used Smurfy over Baked Alaska to test this out.

Baked Alaska is highly reactive with silver though. I have burnished these beads with silver leaf and decorated with large Effetre aqua dots and then vapourised the silver leaf in my torch flame. You get this gorgeous mottled sand effect with tiny glistening droplets of silver left behind on the surface of the bead. A gorgeous effect!

Happy melting, Jolene x

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